Nike Air Max 270 / Animation
Nike Air Max 270 draws attention from the first sight because of the biggest cushioning air pocket in the history of the brand. The sneakers were inspired by two legendary retro-models from the 90s: Air Max 180 and Air Max 93.

As big fans of Nike creations, we couldn't resist creating a project for this model. In the animation, we wanted to accentuate the design of the product. Nike is famous for its durability (as well as crystals for their strength) and Air Max - for its air pocket (which is so comfortable that you can literally run on the rocks even on another planet). One more beautiful addition is the color of the crystals, which emphasize the look of the sole.
Art Director – Dmitriy Glazyrin, Nikolay Okolita

Producer – Zhanna Travkina

Supervisor – Nikolay Okolita

CG Artist – Nikolay Okolita

Concept Artist – Nikolay Okolita

Storyboard – Cape-Pro

Color grading artist – Dmitriy Glazyrin

Sound design – nodulus
Thank you!