Technology is developing. Rapidly, unpredictably, spontaneously.

We stand at the brink of a new human age, when AI will be part of our lives. This creates many new possibilities of improving health and comfort, but also entertainment.

To be relevant tomorrow, it's not enough to think about the present day. You think ahead, trying to take the lead over time. That's what Roborace does, developing next generation racecars with an outstanding design by Daniel Simon.

Autonomously driving vehicles race against each other. But if there is no human driver, they could race anywhere... so why not let them race on Mars? This is not too far-fetched, Elon shot a Tesla into space.

Maybe in another reality humanity has made more progress in space exploration than in developing means of destruction. In whatever direction we will evolve, we feel like despite possessing highly advanced technology, we will never let go of a good old four-wheel drive.

With this, we give you our shots from the foot of Olympus Mons and the final race of the Intergalactic Racing Championship.

We hope you enjoy!
CGI - Mondlicht Studios
Car model - Akash Singh
Post-production - Rainer Reber
Thank you!