Kobe Bryant
Dear Basketball,

you have lost a legend. Kobe, his 13 year old daughter Gianna and 7 more lives ended abruptly on January 26, 2020. He had achieved so much, yet had so much left. Like with many giants before, we wonder what more he could have given us.

Kobe wrote a letter for The Players' Tribune in 2015, announcing his retirement from Basketball. A few verses. Giving closure to him, to all Basketball and Kobe fans - because who loves Basketball loves Kobe in their own way - but also sharing a deep look inside his soul.

Together with Glen Keane he turned that letter into an animated short film that won an Academy Award. Well, Kobe...

He inspired so many people. Even me, who is only good at 'watching' Basketball. His mindset of never giving up, always striving for success, not leaving a challenge or a battle, has definitely left a mark on me. Thank you Mr. Bryant.

Kobe already left so much in our world, he will always be around.
Because legends are forever.

David Schäfer

The project started in the Downtown L.A. Arts District, The Container Yard. On the large 60,000 square-foot event venue could be found one of the most beautiful graffiti of Kobe created by LA-based artist Chris Shim aka Royyal Dog.

LA based photographer Dmitry Bocharov captured the magnificent painting and location. Together with Mondlicht Studios a beautiful series was created as an hommage to Kobe and all said above. A Lakers themed Ford GTO seemed like an appropriate choice. The impact and timeless beauty of the car are an allusion to an enduring appreciation of a great legacy. As long as people remember, the spirit lives on.
Thank you all for this project!

Creative studio: CTC CREATIVE STUDIO
Photographer: Dmitry Bocharov
CGI Artist: David Schäfer
CGI studio: Mondlicht Studios