Clutch Awards Mondlicht Studios as Top Video Production Agency in Germany
Just recently, Mondlicht Studios was hailed as the BEST video production company in Germany by Clutch, a B2B platform. This pristine recognition solidifies our talent and prowess when it comes to delivering top tier outputs.

Our team was established in 2019 by three internationally known digital artists, and we bring more than 40 years worth of combined professional experience to the table. Thanks to the variety of our core team's skills, we can handle different projects, including animation, motion design, full CG still images, retouching, post-production and data preparation for configurators and XR. The amount of tools we are using in our pipeline allows us to stay flexible and find the most efficient approach to every project. We are proud of our projects as well as our long-lasting relations with clients. After all, advertising production is about problem-solving and delivering the best possible results on time.
"We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of Western Europe's Top B2B Firms. Mondlicht Studios is a very young company. But I'm so happy about and proud of what we have achieved in just two years.

I'm incredibly thankful to our whole team. Especially for being able to work relentlessly despite all difficulties with the pandemic. Different time zones for different clients don't make things easier, but we are working hard to make our clients happy. Being awarded by Clutch tells us we are able to fulfil our ambitions. All the projects we have published so far are just the icing on the cake."

If you need a partner to rely on during complex projects with many constraints, you can't go wrong with them."

- David Schäfer, Chief Executive Officer
To learn more about Clutch and how they determine the best of the best here's a quick description. Clutch collects credible information from verified sources. They only gather feedback from clients without any conflicts of interests tied with vendors — ensuring that there are no bias comments from the vendors' relatives or from their own team.

These reviews are weighed in and compared with other agencies to objectively measure their success. Hence, being recognized by them is a highly-coveted privilege for any B2B agency.

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