Since 2019 we offer over 40 years professional experience of cgi and digital art.
Bogdan has always been fascinated by automotive design, so he was sure about his passion long before college. He started his journey into CG with SketchUp for 3D modeling and fortified his intention to become a professional 3D artist. Bogdan always says that this experience changed his life.

For the last five years, Bogdan has been developing his skills in hard surface modeling discovering new techniques and software. Now Bogdan is working in Blender and continues polishing his mastery.
18 years professional experience in commercial photography and retouching, 11 years professional experience in cgi and media production, long time employee in automotive industry.

Digital and lead artist, retoucher, consultant, technical artist, look creator, educated photographer. Basti wanted to become an artist ever since he was fascinated by heavy metal album covers in his childhood.
8 years professional in cgi production and advertising. The main focus is Houdini simulations.

Pavel (a.k.a. kuvaka in social media) started his career with amw videos and experiments with After Effects. However, it wasn't enough for the young cg specialist, so Pavel decided to learn 3D. Starting with Cinema 4D, later he switched to Houdini, at first for fun, then – professionally. During his career, Pavel had a chance to work in different studios and on freelance projects.
While still in school, Sergey got carried away with computer games, but always wanted to understand the process of creating them, so he started to study 3d and character animation. Worked in different studios as a graphic designer, but the passion for 3d turned out to be much stronger.

For more than 11 years, Sergey has been developing skills in cgi from modeling or matchmove videos to shading, lighting, rendering, animation and compositing. Recently started to dabble in creating generative design and simulations. Has a law degree.
The young and gifted automotive artist started his journey two years ago. Inspired by racing games and 3D renders created by famous artists, he began to explore 3ds Max and Corona Render.

Now he devotes all his time to the creation of automotive projects and new software that will help him polish his skills and enhance his work. One of his biggest personal passions is photography (and not only automotive). The hobby helps him relax and trains his eye to find better angles and composition.

The best way to promote your product
Automotive CGI

We know how to handle cars.
Automotive CGI

Using our skills to achieve stunning images.

Postproduction for cgi and photography, in this case for igordolce.

Architecture CGI

Photorealistic architecture from your blueprint, your ideas or from scratch
Architecture CGI

Staging rooms and products in their best light.


Our job is making your work shine.
Matte painting

Beautiful environments for image and movie production. One of our passions.
Digital Characters

Super Realistic
We can get a digital photo shoot with every creature. May they exist or not.
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