DX Racer | Green Edition
We are inviting you to an unforgettable journey in the most comfortable gaming chair you've ever seen.
DX Racer | Green Edition
We are inviting you to an unforgettable journey in the most comfortable gaming chair you've ever seen.
Erase the Boundaries
When we talk about gaming experience, there is no room for a compromise. To experience a better immersion into a fantasy world one needs to be fully prepared. For those who are ready to dissolve into their favorite games, DXRacer is the best choice. These gaming chairs can boast of optimal ergonomic support, large angle adjustor, high-quality breathable materials, lumbar and head support. Comfortable and adjustable DXRacer will become a reliable ally in any battle no matter who your enemy is.

Mondlicht Studios and playd®team joined forces to create a stunning animation, inspired by Razer Iskur design and possibilities.
It's Time to Play Your Way
With supportive molded foam and wide range of adjustments, DXRacer prevents posture and back stress to keep you in the best gaming form.
Now you're a superhero
The game industry is an absolutely different universe. When you grab a controller and switch on your PC or console, you forget about the world around. To have an opportunity completely being a part of the game and be ready for the journey through the universes, one needs to feel relaxed during hours of gaming. This idea became the first inspiration for our team. But we went further to understand what DXRacer represents. The chair is not only about angle adjustments and supportive foam. DxRacer is an excellent example of new wave technology and brilliant design in the game industry.

Imagine a superhero packed with cutting-edge technology. Who comes to mind? You've guessed: Batman. His cave, every gamer's dream, became the main source of inspiration for our project.
Created for gamers. Inspired by gaming.
The Best Advertising for the Best Chair
Developing the concept and working on the project, we went deeply into research and development to create videos, which depict the character of the product. The idea of the animation perfectly fits the mood and the style of DXRacer. Bright and recognizable colors allowed us not only to create a thrilling atmosphere but a strong connection with the brand. Dynamic and audacious video with the strong idea behind will win the hearts of gamers all over the world. DXRacer was created to become the best, and so the advertising for it.
We had the great pleasure working on this project thanks to the amazing partnership. We strongly believe that passion is the key to the creation of any successful project.
Creative Team

Creative Director - Dmitriy Glazirin
Art Director - Paul Shtyler
RnD Artists - Maksym Khirnyy / David Schafer / Tim j
Concept Artist - Alexandr Tumasov
Motion Design Artist - Victor Vector
Creative Producer - Zhanna Travkina

Mondlicht Studios & playd®team