Mondlicht Studios
Lucid Gravity
Official World Premiere
Mondlicht Studios creates animations for the Lucid Gravity Reveal
Mondlicht Studios was excited and honored to play a key role for the Lucid Gravity Global Reveal, bringing to life the technology and the sophisticated design of the Lucid Gravity SUV through a series of animations. Crafted using Cinema 4D, Redshift, and Unreal Engine, these animations not only highlighted the spacious SUV's exterior and interior features but also technological innovations underpinning this electric vehicle.
Our team's expertise in digital animation and visual effects enabled us to once again create a vivid and captivating representation, offering viewers a detailed look at and inside the Lucid Gravity. From the sleek exterior lines to a luxurious interior space, every aspect was rendered with precision and creativity, emphasizing the vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency, spaciousness, and advanced electric technology.

The project's success is a testament to the synergy between cutting-edge automotive engineering and state-of-the-art digital artistry. As a studio at the forefront of digital imagery and animation, Mondlicht Studios has again demonstrated its ability to transform complex technical concepts into visually stunning narratives, engaging audiences and enhancing the overall impact of the Lucid Gravity's global reveal.

Mondlicht Studios claims a rich heritage in the automotive industry. The extensive experience of our CEOs has been instrumental in establishing a robust workflow for creating automotive art with a team of staffed skilled artists.

While our studio's portfolio has diversified into product and entertainment projects, our passion for automobiles remains a driving force. Our strong automotive focus stems from a deep love for cars and the exhilaration of working on projects in this dynamic sector.

''We believe that if you can handle the complexity of a car well, you are able to handle almost anything coming your way.''
David Schaefer, CEO

The Lucid Gravity SUV stands out with its impressive blend of luxury, performance, and technology. Boasting a range exceeding 440 miles, it redefines expectations for electric vehicles.

Its spacious interior accommodates up to seven adults comfortably, while advanced electric powertrain technology ensures a smooth, powerful ride. The Gravity's design emphasizes aerodynamic efficiency, and its versatile interior includes a large cargo area and flexible seating.