Track Dedicated: McLaren P1 GTR animation
Since the video with Brabham was released, Mondlicht team thought about the next personal automotive project we would like to create in Unreal Engine. Finally, we chose our hero. This time Mondlicht team was inspired by the power and beauty of McLaren P1 GTR.

We have never had a chance to try it on the road yet, but we are sure that it would be a breathtaking experience. In the animation, we were trying to communicate our admiration for the car's possibilities and design and its special kind of charisma.

Our motion designer Nikolay Okolita started from scratch working on the concept and idea of the animatic. Stefan Evrard, our Unreal Engine expert, implemented the idea to amazing video in Unreal Engine. It was crucial for the team to demonstrate the car's beauty, but not to lose its temper and dynamics.

Concept & Idea – Nikolay Okolita, Stefan Evrard
Unreal Officer – Stefan Evrard
Houdini artist – Maksym Khirnyy
Data preparation – David Schäfer
Post Production guys – Dmitriy Glazyrin, Nikolay Okolita
Music & Sound man – Stefan Evrard

"We really wanted to create a project with character, with different environments and movement, making most of Unreal Engine's possibilities. This project took a huge amount of experimenting and testing, and I learned a lot about what can be done with RayTracing. With Unreal 5 around the corner I can't wait to see what we can make in the future!"
Stefan Evrard
"The speed has so many shades of sound. In our project, we wanted to show how we see, feel and hear it. Using all the flexibility Unreal Engine has to offer, we achieved the result working with the assets in real-time. And to create a project about speed, you need a true predator, so we chose McLaren P1 GTR. The design and the story of this car impresses the most demanding automotive fans. I was thrilled to be a part of this project. And I'm pretty sure that soon we will surprise you with another amazing animation."
Nikolay Okolita
Thank you!