Mondlicht Studios is Thrilled to Receive Another Perfect 5.0 Star Review on Clutch!
At Mondlicht Studios, together we offer 40 years of professional experience of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and digital art. Our design specialists create masterpieces of internal and external automotive images, interior and exterior architecture visuals, realistic digital characters, advertisement graphics and beyond. We thrive off of creating meaningful and unforgettable visuals for clients, and we are flattered that we have received excellent feedback for our commitment to perform.

We are grateful that an automotive company we work with shared their highly positive Mondlicht Studios experience with the review platform, Clutch. We were first hired in 2017 by the company to complete several 2D visualization projects for marketing and sales as well as developing low poly data preparation workflows. More recently, we were tasked to do 3D modeling, and we still continue ongoing projects for the car developer. Specifically, we used Maya, Python, and WebQL to model 3D passenger cars and built a toolkit to create beautiful and high performance data for real-time rendering.

Clutch identifies a company's industry expertise and ability to deliver based on a handful of metrics, including the capacity to meet deadlines, the quality of its service and deliverables, value cost, and a client's likelihood to refer in the future. Mondlicht Studios is happy to share that we were rated a perfect 5.0 stars in these four categories! We were also praised for our constant communication such as daily calls for status tracking and scope adjustments, despite working independently on their project. The automotive company was most impressed with our attention to detail and ability to work under many constraints and requirements:
"If you need a partner to rely on during complex projects with many constraints, you can't go wrong with them."

- Head of Development, Automotive Company
Automotive customers were very satisfied with our work as well and we were happy to deliver cutting edge services using our expertise and passion for digital art. It's an honor to have published reviews on a site like Clutch that verifies our excellent service. Similarly, The Manifest is a platform that identifies leading performers like Mondlicht Studios and compares companies that deliver results.

Positive client feedback is what inspires us to keep creating and pushing the boundaries of technology and design. If you are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you!